Best Practices for Facebook Pages

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Best Practices for Facebook Pages

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Facebook Pages is an efficient and cost-effective way to get your name and brand out to a wide audience in a fairly short amount of time. If you are looking to get your name and brand out, here are some best practices for leveraging your Facebook page.

  1. Be engaging. Post in ways that attention grabbing. Post photos, polls, questions, and get those fans/customers/potential customers engaged in your brand.
  2. Leverage Facebook Ads. Invest money into ads in order to find qualified and potential customers. You may have 1,000+ page likes, but if you aren’t sealing the deal, those page likes mean nothing. If you need some additional advice, refer to Jon Loomer, an expert in Facebook Pages and marketing on social media.
  3. Posting Strategy. This is simply a must have. Utilize not only your content calendar, but determine which content generates the best reactions from current and potential customers.
  4. Be Human. Make things personal. Reply to comments using the person’s first name, show empathy, treat all with respect, and most importantly, kill with kindness. One example of being human could be, if you are a manager of a burger joint, post a photo of your cheeseburger with the caption, “Hey, today for lunch, I’m stuffing my face with this massive double bacon cheeseburger. The best part, it’s only $5 bucks! ~Mike.” It’s that easy!
  5. Use Hashtags Intelligently. Don’t use hashtags in every post. You also don’t want to hijack a common hashtag just to try to show up in search results. Doing that won’t attract the potential customers you want. Also, don’t use senseless hashtags.
  6. Monitor your Page Insights. Simply, watch your numbers and adjust accordingly.
  7. Post Photos. Again, this is attention grabbing and very easy to consume.
  8. Run Contests. People love to win free stuff, and think, if they like the product they get for free, they may be more inclined to return as a customer in the future.
  9. Upload a Fantastic Profile Photo. The first thing potential customers/fans see if your profile photo. Make the image unique but also simple. Do not use too much text, since text usually cannot be read easily in the tiny profile picture those you are communicating with see. However, remember consistency with the rest of your brand.
  10. Leverage your Cover Photo. The cover photo is like a first impression and your best chance to make that good impression on would-be fans/customers.
  11. Complete your About Section. This is the first thing most visiting fans/customers will read, so having a complete one is essential to who you are as a brand. Be sure to have your website URL as the first item in your about section, so you can get traffic to your actual website as well.
  12. Have Fun! This is the most important of all of these! Your fans/customers will remember your page if it made them laugh or smile more then they will remember a lengthy post about your newest gadget. .

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