Twitter Best Practices

3 Best Twitter Practices You Should Use

Its Important to do these Things on twitter

Tweet Tweet


Twitter is one of the best social media sites to use when trying to reach your audience. According to CBS news  there are 974 million existing Twitter accounts, rivaling Facebook in popularity.

Using hashtags, replying back  to your followers comments, or tweets about you and your brand in general are all great things you should do to help improve your brand.

However, you already know that. Lets move past the basic’s. Here are 3 Twitter practices you really should be using.  Are you ready, to use Twitter the best you can?

Tip #1 Post Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls are a great way for a business, brand or company to get feed back on their published content, their brand, and their view in the public’s eye. According to Hootsuite blog, posting polls will give your brand or company insight into the type of content you may want to produce.

Polls Are important when using twitter

Twitter Polls

Tip #2 Use Visuals in Your Tweets

You have to make your post on Twitter visually appealing to your audience. Add a image, video, or gif that improves the message you are trying to tell your audience, According to Twitter Business People are three times more likely to engage in your brand if you have some visuals added to your post.

Images are key to having a successful Twitter

Using Attention-grabbing images

Tip #3 Keep it Short

Your tweets need to be short and sweet. If your tweet is long and wordy, your audience will no care to engage with you and your brand. According to Twitter Business, if your tweet should be focused on one specific message.

Keep your Post Short

Short and Sweet

With these tips in your grasp, you should be able to not only put out information and content, but also lead your audience to engage more with your brand.