Managing Negative Comments on Twitter

3 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback on Twitter

Don't be angry be prepared

Angry at Twitter

Twitter is an important tool, that helps you connect with your audience. Engaging with your audience is good because of all the feedback you get. However, not all feed back is good. Here are some tips to help you respond and manage to negative feedback on twitter.

#1 Always Respond, and Do It in a Timely Manner

It is a must that you reply to the comments about your brand. Especially if it is negative feed back. According to Buffer Blog replying back to all feedback, mainly negative feed back shows that you are listening to your audience. it also shows that you value your audience feedback which is a win-win.

Block the Negative Comments

Happy Dance

#2 Create a Written Policy for Comments

You do not want to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, after receiving some negative feedback. Sit down with your team, create a social media  policy for social media comments so you are not caught off guard. According to Mark Henricks from Entrepreneur, having a written policy helps you prepare for negative feed back, it takes the guesswork out of what is appropriate for employees to post about your company to their social networks. As you can see a written policy is needed not only for Twitter but for other social media outlets as well.

Be Prepared With a Written Policy


#3 Lesson learned

Not all of your problems can be solve, and that is OK. Take what you learned from this experience and use it to improve your brand. According to Buffer’s Blog, “It may be difficult to feel thankful when you’re dealing with negative feedback online, but unfiltered opinions from your customers are gold”. Use this new found information to make your brand better. All feedback is good feedback.

Not all Comments can be Answered

Oh Yeahhh

Using these steps will do wonders for you when replying back to negative feedback on Twitter and across all social media channels.