Digital Strategy Investments

Embrace Your Own Digital Channels. 

Social media are tools that expand and boost your digital work. It can boost good stuff, but it also can boost the not so good stuff. Invest your time and effort into making your website the core of everything you do.  Once you have that, connect to other social media platforms to make viewers wanting to come back for more.

Don’t measure success by how many followers you have on Facebook or Twitter. Instead, think of what your followers are doing and how many are doing it. Are you engaging with them the right way? It’s better to have 200 active engaged life and comments than thousands of followers that never engage at all.

Be a part of the conversation.

Don’t just start selling to your audience, become one with them by engaging in conversations on your social media channels. By staying active it helps your audience feel comfortable, it adds value and relevance. Try to be helpful instead of coming across as trying to sell them something.

Become mobile-friendly. Everyone these days has a smart phone so it’s best to have a mobile site. Actually, Google is even going to start punishing your site if it is not mobile-friendly.

Email Marketing!

Email is a very effective way in reaching your partners, clients, and future clients. You shouldn’t blast out emails to your contact list all the time or people will start to become bothered. Email is a skill that you should do carefully. Check out this informative article on how to be effective through email the right way. 

The four C’s or Marketing. Great marketing starts with great content, and content needs to be created and/or curated to build meaningful connections with your brands culture.

Digital Strategy

There are so many different things to look at when developing your digital strategy. What are some other things to think about for digital strategy? What did you think of the 6 points we discussed above?