Content Calendars

Content Calendar Tips & Tricks

Content Calendars are key to social media success!

How to take your amazing content and schedule it out for the months ahead is key for any business. You need a content calendar to have a successful social media strategy. This will help you manage content and attract more visitors to your site!

Use a Template!

Don’t be afraid to use a generic template to help visualize your plan. Templates will help you to focus on the layout of your posts and organize your thoughts. Do you have a campaign running next month? Are there specific posts you want on certain holidays? Templates will allow you to plan months ahead of these events. Here’s an easy to use template.

Hootsuite is great for content calendar management.

Pre-Schedule Content

Now that you’ve planned out where you want certain topics and posts to go, take advantage of sites like Hootsuite, Buffer, or SocialFlow that allow you to schedule out your posts across your various social media platforms. The nice thing about these sites is that they allow you to assign other managers to schedule posts. This will help lighten your load and make time for generating new ideas!

Remember to Analyze

After you create good content and implement it over time, make sure to measure the success of your posts. Find out which posts excelled and which ones fell short. Analytic tools are built into most social media platforms and scheduling builders like the ones above. Also, don’t forget to utilize advanced tools like Google Analytics. This tool will allow you to look at advanced metrics like geo -trafficking and analyzing data from specific campaigns. This is key to improving upon your success for future campaigns and remembering what content worked well and what should be thrown out and never used again!

Repeat these steps and you will see immediate improvements in engagement with your site and social media channels!